Start: December 3, 2022
8:00 pm
End: December 3, 2022
2:00 pm

Event Venue

197 Navajo Trail Pagosa Springs

Spirit of Enchantment Art Show featuring landscapes & wildlife. 8am-2pm.

Family Holiday Crafts & cookies. (505) 927-5473.  8am-2pm.

About the Artist:

Ken Beesley is a seventy-something native of California who earned his B.A. in Music Theory and Literature from Baylor University in Texas. He has been exposed to several kinds of graphic art, more specifically pencil drawing. Ken has studied watercolor under Jan Hart since the fall of 1995. He has a Masters of Church Music and a Masters of Religious Education from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, Mill Valley California.

Ken moved to northern New Mexico to serve in ministry and business following his formal education.  Upon retiring, Ken finally moved to Pagosa Springs in March 2022. He married Janette and has four stepdaughters and now 11 grandchildren. He is an avid runner completing several 5K, 10K and 1/2 Marathons. His hobbies are hunting, backpacking, and watercolor painting.

Ken’s faith transcends into his art. His reverence of God’s creation influences his interpretations and attitudes of his subjects as seen in his landscapes, flowers, and animals. It is the joy of life and living. It is the spontaneity of discovering God’s little surprises. It is a worship of the God of creation through capturing nature’s beauty.

People describe Ken’s impressionistic style and mood as warm, inviting, reverent, and inspirational. Others note how well he works with light and shadow, creating depth and glow in his paintings. Each painting is unique, yet similar. His usual response when someone admires a painting he is working on is, “It’s coming!” reflecting his idea that a work is constantly developing. Ken conveys mood and impression through reality and abstractness.

Artist Statement

The artist creates from the inside out, “sturm and drang,” ebb and flow of feelings in his/her world. Together, theory and spontaneity form a flow of creativity; an embryonic idea, pencil sketch, value study, develops to light and dark, shape, color, content, mood and matures to a finished painting. A successful watercolor conveys a dynamic impression of tension and resolution. Enjoy it – don’t take it too seriously.

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