I am a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner Level II. I am a  Reiki master, certified in Usui Holy Fire Reiki. My Intuitive healing practice is Heart Centered. Every session I perform is with complete compassion, love and understanding. After many years of education and exploration into energetic healing. I have developed my own intuitive healing method. I now intuitively work with the Clients; Angels, Guides, Higher Self and other benevolent entities to heal through the Chakra and Auric systems. With the help of these benevolent beings, I can detect energetic blocks, attachments and unwanted connections and facilitate their removal. I can intuit breaks, gaps, and irregularities in the chakras and auric fields and repair them. I work with your chakras to clear and enhance their function. I call this “Intuitive Energy Healing”. My process of treatment is always changing and progressing. My education and studies are constant. I have found “intuitive Energy Healing” to be extremely helpful for those who are experiencing mental and emotional stress and/or trauma. An “emotional triage” of sorts. I believe
that all illness has an emotional base and can be connected to an emotional event or events from this life or a past lives.

My goal for every client is self-empowerment. I give them tools that will help them improve their daily lives. I am also offering trainings for beginner spiritual practices. Ie… beginning meditation, learning the chakra system and how it functions, basic energetic protection practices. Etc.…. These trainings are available on my website via videos and in person to small groups at my office in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I am excited to assist others on their path to a more fulfilling life.

Do you know that your heart is a temple?
Do you know that love is free?

Services offered;
QHHT; Quantum healing Hypnosis. Which includes past life
regression, dialoguing with the higher self to resolve issues
both current and past. Session generally take 4+ hours.
Cost 335*
Exclusive, In person energy healing.
(Every appointment is approximately an hour unless
otherwise stated.)
Cost 111.00*
*All services are by appointment only

~ Donna “Moya” Price-Garner ~



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